MattyB - My Oh My! (Official Music Video)

Hey BNation! Hope you enjoy watching the official music video for MattyB's new single, "My Oh My" off his debut EP #OutsideTheLines! 

MattyB Surprise!

I wanted to share this video with you guys; one of Matt's fans, Blaine getting surprised with MattyB tickets, its super sweet!

Atlanta Show I Pictures & Videos!

What's up guys! I wanted to post all the MattyB performance videos from his concert at Center Stage in Atlanta, so they were available all in one place. (If there are multiple videos for one song, I just included the best video) Hope you enjoy! 

Head to for pictures from the concert. 

Vlog from the Concert (Footage of Concert 2:09 - 5:37) 

Performing 'New Kids'

'Turn Up The Track' w/ Haschak Sisters

'See You Again' w/ Carissa Adee

Shorter version from a different angle

'My Pumps' w/ Haschak Sisters

'Far Away' w/ Brooke Adee 

'Clique' w/ Haschak Sisters

Short clip of 'My Oh My'

Great Day!

Great day with great people.

Sold Out Show!

Thanks Center Stage for another incredible sold-out show! You all were amazing!

Atlanta Arrival!

Looked who just arrived in Atlanta!! :) Hope to see YOU tomorrow at the show!


Happy Friday! Ready for some football! Hope you have an awesome night too!

Atlanta Weekend!

Excited to perform this weekend in Atlanta! Headed to rehearsals right now!

Throwback w/ JoJo!

Throwback to a fun night out with JoJo, Liv and Sarahgraceclub#GreatFriends

Rare MattyB Rehearsal Footage I New Kids

Hey guys! Staying up late and preparing for Sunday's concert in Atlanta. Got a few new songs from "Outside The Lines" that need a lot of practice and thought you guys might dig a short behind-the-scenes look. 


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